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Welcome to Special Risk Marketing Services. We provide life and health insurance and non insurance products and services to all types of groups, including employers, associations, clubs, and other affinity groups through agents and brokers nationwide. We specialize in providing whatever product or service your client needs to attract new members, retain existing members, and add value to their membership or employee benefit packages.

Please browse through our list of products and services and give us a call or send an e-mail and we will be glad to discuss your client's needs with you.

All non insurance products and services are provided through Special Risk Marketing Services LLC and all insurance programs are provided through our wholly-owned insurance agency, SRG Insurance Agency LLC.

Dominian Access Travel Services can provide your members with all their travel needs including air fares (using Priceline.com), hotel, cruises, resort packages and more! Also, if you'd like to earn income for your business or use as a fund raising vehicle for your organization, you can buy into the program and set up your own travel service; thus you can earn back the cost of joining and more! Just go to http://www.datravelservice.com/ to check it out!

Dental, Vision or Hearing at www.edentalsolutions.com. Enter promo code: dental12

These programs not available in all states. Go to website for details.







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